Barrio Nuevo

Barrio Nuevo is just a damn good comp from Soul Jazz. The Chakachas, War, Kongas, Milton Zapata…



  1. Hi Thanks for the comments at my blog Good luck with your latin blog, I have about 300 latin albums if you have any particular wishes
    BTW neither of your DL links work , would like a link for this one

  2. Hey nice work so far. I’m a great admirer of EL CHE myself. Thanks for visiting my blog and will Link this one. Like REZA said if you need anything(?). I’m in NYC how bout you?

  3. seems the revolucion will be broadcast afterall.

    thanks for the kind words and great tunes.

  4. thanks for the coments man. nice looking blog. you gotta throw that track in the sampler and flip it like you said! hit me up if you know amny fresh breaks or loops!


  5. Your new blog is lookin’ great! All the best to you!


  6. What a great compilation! Your blog’s looking very nice so far!!

  7. GREAT comp, thanks! so far you got a A+ !

    one thing maybe : the bitrate (192kbps) is ok but a lot of good vibes from the vinyl or cd don’t fit into this tight mp3 format. I suggest 256kbps minimum, you’ll feel the difference immediately, no joke.


  8. Most of the records i post will be @ 320. I put this one at 192 so I could fit it all in one file. For the next ones…I’ll divide them up into 2 files…

  9. great site brant, cheers for the heads up … I’ve been looking for a nice mp3 copy of barrio nuevo for some time.

    thanks for your comment on my blog…most def i will add you to the list brother…


  10. I am having problems opening “Open & Close”; “Gentleman”; “Yellow Fever” and “J.D.D.” I love your blog and am totally committed to the belief that all art is political and that art must be used to build a more just society “by any means necessary.”

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