El Malo!

Classic. A blog about revolucionary music wouldn’t be complete without Willie Colon. This record will undoubtedly get a ton of play this summer with El Cantante coming out, so get ahead of the game. colon_willi_cosanuest_101b.jpg



  1. nice.good lookin on the compliments,added you to the links,viva la revolucia,!!!!!!!!!
    The paradigm is upon us.

  2. GREAT blog my friend, welcome to the club of people who feel that sharing has a big feelgood factor.

    you’re on my side bar with a special post

    see u and go on, your posts are the BOMB


  3. Welcome REVOL! You have already posted some real treats. I look forward to your future!!!!


  4. I discovered latin music through CHE CHE COLE on an old tape my ecuadorian girlfriend gave me years ago. Since then, I am hooked. So am I with your blog: knowing most of the references and artists, but not managing to get dem all here in France. Thank you so much !!

  5. Could you re-up? I keep getting n invalid quick key error and this one is a stone burner!

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