Paul McCartney y John Lennon de la Salsa…

Siembra, if you didn’t already know, is the best selling salsa record in history (25 million copies). The lyrics on this record are classic…’Plastico’ is an incredible song that starts out in a straight disco, talking about fake plastic people and the problems with materialism, and then goes into the need to resist it and unify all latinos, calling out all the countries. Then there’s Pedro Navaja…an incredible record!



  1. Hi,
    welcome to the party !
    Thanks for the Siembra, an incredible post!
    Go on, guys !!

  2. joder, que bomba este plastico!! ademas en 320kbps, a gozar.

    hasta +

  3. 25 million is some number & very believable after a good listen to this groover.

  4. My friend, I’m a big fan of the Cuica. Are there any LP’s that you know of where this instrument is “Turned Out”. Please come over to my page & PLEASE try my latest Samba Showdown.
    In the interest of all things LATINO. I’m part ITALIAN & part FRENCH & Yes, they are LATIN.
    If you really believe the message of “Plastico”, then let’s expand the circle of all things Afro-Latino. My mind & heart are open. That’s the pride of being from New York.

  5. I know the cuica in Samba, but wanted to know more about its role in Salsa. Also, I’m a sucker for pure drumming on the Conga. Some drumming records would be of interest. Something like this.
    Any Ideas?

  6. J Thyme…download the Eddie Palmieri record Lucumi Macumba Voodoo record. The first song the title track opens with just percussion, and has cuica all over it. That Guem record is a classic. Brazilian percussion stripped down. Have you checked out the Paulinho da Costa record at Loronix?

    along the same lines. incredible. If you search through his archive you’ll find a ton like this as well. Just search batucada, airto, vasconcelos, cuica, etc..

    And as far as the cuica in Salsa… the cuica is a BRAZILIAN instrument. Asking for salsa with the cuica in it is kind of like asking for Brazilian music with a tabla in it. yeah, there are some Os Mutantes, Nana, and some more in the 60’s who used the tabla, but not many. It’s the same. If they do use it, the Salsa musicians use the cuica in a tribute to brazilian music.

    If you’re looking for drumming records(spanish latin not brazilian)….check out The Voodoo comp on soul jazz. Also any Los Munequitos de Mantanzas record. Or check out records by percussionists. i.e. Tito Puente, Roberto Roena, Candido, etc…

    If that doesn’t point you in the right direction, I don’t know what will….

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