Riot! …definately a name that signifies the times. Joe Bataan was quoted as saying ‘teenage blacks and Puerto Ricans born in ghettos have no say about the poverty and oppression we are born into’. This record is his attempt to change that… and it did. It was the best selling latin record when it came out (1968). Mr. Latin Soul himself was in and out of prison and supposedly learned how to be a musician and bandleader while doing time. It’s no wonder he would come out with a record like this, then continue to produce a slew of records on a label called Ghetto Records (if anyone has any of these please hit me up), then start a lable of his own called Salsoul of which he did one of the first charted hip hop songs in history called ‘rap-o-clap-o’, not to mention making a huge impact in the disco world. This is the one that started it all…



  1. Hey there, Brent!

    Just added your blog to my list of ‘other vaults’. Superb stuff, so my compliments to you!


    Baby Grandpa

  2. Greetings from NYC & Samba-ville. I think I’m ready to try some these Latin sides. Much thanks for the shares. J Thyme

  3. One other question that perhaps you can anwser. I’m big fan of the CUICA. Are there any salsa bands where this instrument is heavily featured?

  4. Hey thanx, great blog! Gonna keep coming back. Can I post requests?

  5. first off…thanks for all the nice words. I’ve been getting a great response so far. Andy yes, you can post requests. As far as the Cuica, Justin…that’s a brazilian instrument, and found on tons of brazilian records. I highly suggest checking out the blogs in my blogroll. There are some serious brazilian ones (soundofthe70’s, loronix, som barato, etc…) otherwise there are some great salsa records that do use the cuica. I’ve got some Eddie Palmieri, Fania, Ray Barreto, etc…that use the cuica. So keep checking back, I will eventually post them…

  6. found the album Salsoul on SFRP today… go here (if you haven’t registered it’s past time you did!)

    oh and i posted a bad-ASS cumbia and salsa collection from Discos Fuentes on me likle bwoggy recently –

    thanks for the jams!

  7. […] Bataan Tonight in the BK! That’s right the Riot! man himself! Playing with Truth and Soul’s Bronx River Parkway… Here’s his […]

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