Los Hermanos Latinos

Differentwaters posted the ill compilation on Soundway Records Colombia! The golden age of discos fuentes. The powerhouse of Colombian music 1960-1976. I actually was trying to decide wether or not I should post that one, since the guys at Soundway are acquaintances, and would like to support them as much as possible. But I figure since different waters already posted it, I might as well. And besides, I downloaded it awhile ago, and still bought the vinyl. So make sure to go to the link and check it out. While you’re there check out all the other sides they’ve got posted. It’s definately a blog to check on the regular…

As we’re on the subject of Colombian music, check out the bootleg remix project from Miles Cleret from Soundway Records and Quantic under the name Los Hermanos Latinos. This is all the singles that have come out so far. They do a remix of Los Calenas Los Flores that is on the Colombia! comp, as well as a few others that I play out on a regular. perfect for the summer…



  1. curious to see what these remixes sound like… if they sound at least… 75% as good as the original i would be pleased. I have really just begun exploring Latin sounds and i think I’m hooked… looking forward to see what bombs you’ll be dropping in the future.


  2. by the way… there MIGHT be something wrong with the Los Hermanos Mediafire link. I’ve tried about 10 times in 2 days and after i click download it goes to “can’t open the page” : (

  3. ok…the link should be fixed now. Mediafire didn’t like it for some reason…it’s now on rapidshare. Sorry about that…

  4. Hi there,
    just stumbled across your blog.
    Looks very promising!
    Next time I find time I’ll download something. Thanks for sharing and your efforts.

    Need to get this “RIOT” LP!


  5. great compilation indeed

    i don’t really agree with the idea to plainly post compilation of this quality that are still ON THE PRESS, or that are not out-of-print. Why? Because that kills the market for such initiative. If record seller don’t sell anymore, why would they buy? And if they don’t buy, why should compilers do compilations? Doing a compilation has a cost of course, especially when it comes to rare records or copyrights, and do “donate” it will not encourage anyone to go into this business anymore. And that would be a pity.


    stick to the out-of-print, for the future of this business.


  6. Hooked you up as a link at orgy in rhythm-thanks for your comment

  7. I just found this wonderful site (through the link on Different Waters), and thank you already for all the great music and especially for the information about the records. I have a question about this one, though: I’ve downloaded the file several times, and every time I try to unzip it, the operation fails, with WinZip saying (for each individual file within the overall one) that the file can’t be created because the system can’t find the path. I’ve downloaded several other of your files to the same drive, and unzipped them with no problem. Do you have any idea what the problem is? Is it something I’m doing, or the file itself? I don’t see any problem in the individual filenames that would cause my system (windows) trouble. If you have any advice I’d appreciate the help, but even if not, there’s plenty of other great music here — thanks for it all!

  8. I’m not sure what the problem with the .zip file could be…I just downloaded it without any problems…I can’t help you troubleshoot with a pc. I’m sorry. Is anyone else having this problem?

  9. I also had problems (again on Windows). I couldn’t unzip the file without providing a password. Haven’t had that poroblem with any of the other zip files on your great blog.

  10. After my last post I’ve just sorted it out on Windows!
    Cathcurtis hopefully this might help you. Try setting the WinZip option to “Do not extract pathnames” before you extract. It then unzipped cleanly without asking for a password or giving the error about not being able to find the path.

  11. Could you upload this Colombia, please? Differentwaters have taken it down…

  12. Thanks a lot for this moving music! Had the same un-zipping problem, but the comment by samurai helped and now it works!

  13. The Best in 2007

  14. Dear author:
    I’ve been addicted to the first half of this compilation, finding it just brilliant. Unfortunately the second part, the others 20 songs have been out of source in rapidshare. I’m here to beg you to please upload again it. It would be just amazing. Many thanks for you attention, Gingembre

  15. Very nice blog – and glad to see you like my images :))
    Los Hermanos Latinos is two UK producers, their remixes add some hip hop beats for cool modern dancefloor effect… but the EPs are sold out unfortunatly, very limited pressings…

  16. these songs are the perfect soundtrack for the beach bars in greece… thanks 4 all!!
    any other tracks like theme?

  17. great site was found as i was looking for cumbias, colombias. I am really thankfull for this revolution! Thanks and keep up.


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