Music Of Resistance

allright….pr pride day is on it’s way and what better way to counteract all the ignorant reggaeton that we’ll be subjected to, than to check out Bobbito’s mix that he put out a few years back. It’s done on a d.i.y. tip…the cd looks like it was just burned from his computer. I think the only place you could get it was either from him directly or from turntable lab. Music of Resistance has alot of well known tracks on it (Stevie, Sly, Edwin Starr, Gil Scott-Heron, Hugh Masekela, etc…), but there are also some nice rare ones on it to, and it’s all put together nicely…



  1. Hi there.

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  2. Thanks for the heads up and stopping by my blog. You got a good thing started …moreover you’re filling a niche lacking in the blog circle. Will add you to my links. Kindly do the same for your brother.


  3. ok…so alot of you have asked for a tracklisting for this one. Since it didn’t come with one, I’ll give you what I know from listening to it and ask all of you to help fill in the blanks.

    1. Stevie Wonder: Living For The City
    2. ? : We Need Love
    3. ? : Indepiente
    4. ? : When?
    5. Edwin Starr: War
    6: Sly and The Family Stone: Stand
    7: Timmy Thomas: Why Can’t We Live Together
    8. Nitin Sawhney: Homelands
    9. Nina Siimone: A New Dawn
    10. Hugh Masekela: ? Whose Gold is This? dunno
    11. Gil Scott-Heron: Peace Go With You
    12. Gil Scott-Heron: Poem for Jose Campos Torres
    13. Suheir Hammad: Letter To Anthony (Critical Resistance)
    14. Marvin Gaye: Inner City Blues
    15. Pat Wictor: Oxford Town
    16. LTD: Love To The World
    17. Alice Coltrane: ?
    18. ?? Osunlade? anyone know?
    19. ?don’t know?
    20. ? have no idea?
    21: Martin Luther King Jr.

  4. Track 20 is Gary Bartz – Uhuru Sasa. And Inner City Blues is great, but it’s not Marvin Gaye who sings.

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  6. Inner City Blues is Brian Auger

  7. And 17 is River Luv Rite by Oneness of ju Ju

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