Joe Bataan Tonight in the BK!

That’s right the Riot! man himself! Playing with Bronx River Parkway…
See you there!

Here’s Bataan’s version of Gil Scott Heron’s The Bottle.

and Bronx River Parkway’s Mas y Mas taken from the 7″. If you want mas y mas de la Bronx River Pkwy. then go to Truth and Soul and pick it up! They’ve got a few other singles by them…so grab them while you can.
I’d put the whole thing up here, but they are all friends and I respect the shit out of them and want to support them as much as possible. So go give them some money!



  1. damn straight!!!!!!!

    recien eche FUEL en tu superrrrrrrr BLOHG!!!!!!!

  2. man, incredible music! what about some cumbia? thanks for this treasures
    south of italy

  3. Giuseppe…check out the Columbia post for Cumbia. I’ll be posting more in the future Joey Arroyo, Fruko, etc…

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