Revolucion En N.Y.

The secret is out! Those of you know, realize it was only a matter of time before I posted this one. It was originally released as self titled, but recently re-issued as Llego La Revolucion (based on the first track that is classic and obviously a huge inspiration for this blog). When I first saw this in record stores I immediately bought it for the cover, not knowing what the music would be like. When I got home though, I couldn’t stop listening to the first track, and now play it out every chance I get.

Extra Extra! Revolucion En N.Y. is what we need for this weekend. The Bobbito mix is a good start, and I already gave you Che Che Cole, Pedro Navaja, and Plastico, which are all must plays this weekend, but this is one that not everyone will play out. ‘Soy de Boriquen’ is the obvious choice, but also check ‘Asi Es La Humanidad’. *note….also check the Los Hermanos Latinos singles for the ‘Puerto Rico’ remix. Stay tuned…this is just one of a few posts to come…



  1. Lots of great stuff here, man! Thanks for the hookup!
    Viva la Musica Latina! 🙂

  2. superb..thanks man.

    also cheers for the colombia repost

  3. You made my weekend with all this wonderful music, thank you!

  4. Hi, there!i am a french guy living in south america (guiana).I am unable to lread your file : first part (“lleqo”) of la Revolucion 70 lp is always described as unvalid or damaged when I attempt to extract it.Any solution, please?Kind regards. SLJ.

  5. It’s funny cuz I too bought this album having never heard the band, and they are now one of my favorite classic salsa bands! I always sing that song to my self in the car…cuando organize esta orquesta, todos me felicitaron, despues todos protestaron,al saber el nombre de esta….guepa! cool page man! que viva la musica latina.

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