The Message

Ray Barretto (who in addition to running his own band was also the musical director of The Fania All-Stars), was the first of the latin musicians to approach the Young Lords and ask them what he could do to help. What came of it was a benefit concert on 110th street…and was the start of an ongoing relationship with them. This is the soundtrack of that movement. There are so many of his records that I could put up…but I decided to go with The Message. This is salsa duro at it’s best. Also check the lyrics on O Elefante with the trumpets mimicing elephants. Incredible!

Barretto Power was recorded in the same year as The Message, and has that same energy…Oye La Noticia!

Oufar Khan posted ‘Tomorrow Live in NY 1976’ a couple months ago.While your there getting this record, check out his archive. He’s got tons of Fela, Funk, Soul, Latin… this man has great taste! if anyone else has any others please let me know, I’ll add a link to it…thanks!

and if that wasn’t enough…A close friend and one of my favorite dj’s, Busquelo put up this great Homange a Ray Barretto that he did with Captain Planet (you bloggers may know him from Captain’s Crate)right after Ray passed away (R.I.P.) Definately go check out his site for that mix plus tons of other damn good mixes by him… and others (Nickodemus, Quantic, Martin Perna of Antibalas and Ocote Soul, and tons more…)



  1. Thanks for giving Ray some props! You have great taste in la musica!

  2. hi there,
    i try to download “Power” since hours!
    but it doesnt work out so far. i always get the note:
    “no servers are currently available with the requested data on them. please retry your request in a moment”.

    well, this “moment” is now more than 12 hours long. maybe mediafire is not the best anymore for this kind of sharing?

    hey, i’m not unsatisfied. i’ll try again and again :-). just wanted to let you know.
    incredible nice post!!

  3. still doesn’t work. i think it won’t be possible at all to download “Power”.
    “The message” works out fine though.

  4. i’m sure now that there’s no access to “Power” as i tried it over and over again (many hours long), but no success.
    could you upload “Power” somewhere else? would be much appreciated.

  5. the link to Barretto Power should be fixed…

  6. YO! Great selections. Didn’t know you were a friend of Busquelo’s, have we met before? If not, you should definitely swing thru to Bembe on a thursday night. Bring some records and such. Holler.

  7. Excellent stuff! Looking forward to Palmieri Live At Sing Sing! BTW, do you have the complete tracklist to Music Of Resistance?

  8. nunne…check out the comments in the music of resistance post. The CD didn’t come with a tracklisting, but I know most of it.

  9. I’m thrilled to find this blog! You’ve got great taste is salsa – it doesn’t get any better than Barretto or Palmieri! I’ll definitely be back to check more out.

  10. Yo thanks for putting this mix up! much more comin soon on mis paginas… in the meantime, i’m enjoying getting lots of these joints on digi, saves my lazy butt from having to rippit 🙂 will share some with u soon… con much respeto -B

  11. Cool!

  12. Love your blog! Great music!


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