The massive Eddie Palmieri post!


Sing Sing Sang! Here it is the classic record Eddie Palmieri did with his Harlem River Drive band recorded live at the Sing Sing Prison in 1972. This record can be summed up by the closing statement…’For man, for all mankind, there should be never no walls, never no fears. Only one thing in life…Liberty in the coming years. The real statement on this record though is…’Jibaro/My Pretty Nigger’ by the great Felipe Luciano. Felipe, served time himself for manslaughter and upon his release, became the an original member of The Last Poets, and a co-founded The Young Lords. (see the P.R. Pride Parade post). The long list of incredible musicians all hold it down and are able to stretch out in this one! (each song is 10 minutes plus) Along with the long list of incredible musicians, brother Charlie also comes in on the organ along with Eddie playing piano. De Nada!



The Sun of Latin Music has the distinction of being the first ever Grammy Award for Latin Recording in 1974. Un Dia Bonita is a epic 14 minute long cinematic classic. As a trumpet player, Victor Paz has always been one of my favorites, and he kills it on this record. Just check out Nunca Contigo, or Nada De Ti. And my favorite to play out is hands down Mi Cumbia. ‘Ay mi cumbia…Colombiana!’


Metrobase has put up a few Eddie Palmieri Records as well…definately worth combing through his archives for some other jems too…after spending a considerable amount of time there, I saw that he had already posted the live at sing sing album, in addition to that though…he posted Champagne, a nice boogaloo/salsa record. Aye Que Rico, and African Twist are boogaloo classics!


also at Metrobase…is the great latin jazz record he did with Cal Tjader ‘El Sonido Nuevo’ (Verve 1966)even though its not as hard hitting as his later stuff it’s still worth a listen…


and again…over at Orgy In Rhythm, he’s got ‘Super Imposition‘ posted. Make sure you go get this one. Its a heavy one… There is also the Tico All-Stars which features Eddie Palmieri, so while you’re there pick that one up too. And, with any luck, maybe he will re-up Eddie’s righteous Justicia. Let’s cross our fingers…



  1. GREAT! – Thanks for your fantastic work. I´d like to request “Sun of Latin Music”, if I dare.
    Greetz from Germany,

  2. right on!!!

  3. Arriba!

  4. Solid!

  5. Thank you so much for fulfilling my request. Keep on the good work.

  6. concerning salsa/boogaloo, there is nothing like “I like it like that”. But I hope your blog make us discover some new ones cause I like it like that too… By the way, I posted the Pete Rodriguez LP on my blog, if thre’s anyone interested.

  7. I’m blowed, wonderful work, congratulations !

  8. Absolutely wonderful. Thanks a lot!

  9. hi there,
    I’ve linked to you in my Eddie Palmieri discography
    All the best,

  10. Killer music and left politics–all about it. Palmieri at Sing Sing is a classic in this category–just found Vol. 1 at Orgy in Rhythm and now I’d love to get a hold of volume 2. Anyone out there know where to find it?

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