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Now…the second Fela box set in it’s entirety! This one is the rarest and hardest to find. I’ve been looking for this one for awhile now, and still haven’t found it. If anyone out there has it, and wants to sell it to me, hit me up! So, since I don’t actually own this, I put it together through downloads. Unfortunatly half of it is only at 128kbps. I also don’t have the back of the cover art like I do for the other 3 box sets. I appologize. If I end up finding it I will re-up with the higher bit rate. However, this music transends all of that, and you immediately forget about any slight loss of fidelity.

The first lp in this set is Shakara, an early classic. The second is Expensive Shit…where he re-tells teh story about when the police came to his house with a warrant and then planted a joint on him so they could lock him up. He wisely swallowed it, and they took him in, locked him up and waited for him to take a shit so they could inspect it and lock him up for a long time when they find that it contains thc. Fela was one step ahead though, and he gave them another inmates feces and was freed. The flip is Water No Get Enemy, which at first, I thought it was about the fact that 95% of the people in Lagos don’t have any clean drinking water, due to contamination from all the oil companies, but when you listen to the lyrics closer he uses water as a metaphor for the Nigeria’s common people, talking about the people as being the life and flow of the country of which, without it you can’t survive. The next is Monkey Banana… where he says simply, ‘Before I jump like monkey, give me banana’. Then into Na Poi, and then the epic Sorrow, Tears, and Blood which was written after the famous police raid of 1000 officers who burned the whole Kalakuta Republic, beat everyone almost to death, his mother thrown out of the window and incidently killed her, and threw Fela in jail. The b-side Colonial Mentality is another classic political song…’You done be slave man before, Them done release you now but you…Never release yourself…colonial mentality’. The last record in this set is Authority Stealing, where he compairs the petty street crimes of the citizens and their lengthy jail sentences, to the much larger crimes that the government officials commit without punishment. Unfortunately this song is timeless, and is true not only in Nigeria but of the US and most other countries…



In each box set there are 6 postcards of images of his ‘Queens’ or wives… many of which performed with him on stage either by singing or dancing. Here is all 18 of them (minus the ones from the second box set).


  1. you’re damn good, dude!
    i have posted a documentary about Fela on my blog. i’m sure you could be interested.
    keep on

  2. Oufar…I actually have that documentary posted and available to download from the previous post ‘Music is the Weapon’. It’s one large quicktime file (almost half a gig). If you go to that post and click on Music is The Weapon it’ll take you to the file that is loaded on Aparantly we have the same taste!

  3. u are doing a great service to the Kalakuta Republic. Busy days may prevent us from sharing idle moments over a bowl of Sahadi almonds. But at least the next best thing is just as good: sharing musical moments over cyberspace. I will be bloggifying Busquelo in the very near future and look forward to a healthy exchange. In the meantime, if you are near a radio or a computer tonight, tune in to WKCR 89.9 FM, 11pm – 2am, i’m hosting THe Mambo Machine and will be playing music worthy of a revolucion. Paz hermano

  4. I have a MINT CONDITION never played copy of the second and first FELA LP boxes for sale hit me back if you’re interested – and make an offer

    I also have a collection of the Japanese CD reissues including some stuff not here

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