Si! Para Usted!


First off, I want to apologize for the lack of posts in the last 2 weeks. (I’ve been djing 5-6 nights a week these days) That’s why I’m going to make it up to you all… in a big way. I’ve just created a forum with the same theme of this blog. A forum to…post requests and links, get your questions answered, learn, inform, and discuss music and politics and everything in between. It’s time to get all of you involved… A true movement of the people! In an attempt to get all of you involved and get the discussions going, I will honor 1 request from the first 100 people who register. I do have 10,000 records and about 500 gigs of music to pick from, so if you request a few records, chances are that I will have at least one of them. The beautiful thing about all of this, is as more people get on the forum, the higher your chances are of someone having that record that you’ve been looking for for 10 years. Here’s the catch…you just have to become a registered user in the forum and make 2 posts (takes 2 minutes).

In addition to that, I will also send you the link to the comp ‘Si, Para Usted: the Funky Beats of Revolutionary Cuba’. Recorded in the 70’s these artists (Juan Pablo Torres, Irakere, Los Van Van, etc…) all were influenced highly by funk and soul and what was going on in NY at the time with Fania. Not to mention, most of the tracks on this are really difficult to find (good luck finding anything on Egrem in the states). Just click on the little forum button on the left side of this page , register, and I’ll send it to you…



  1. hi
    thanks so much for this collection. when you listen to it you imagine a bunch of ny artists sneaking lps into havana for jam sessions. or some cubano with a home radio picking up an NYC station.

    brilliant and i thank you for your work and great taste!

  2. Thank you very much for bringing more attention to my album. I’m pleased that you enjoy it enough to want to share it with people. However, I would prefer that you didn’t freely distribute the album.

    It took tremendous resources to make the music on the compilation available. Research, licensing, production, and manufacturing are all extremely costly. Unless people buy the compilation, I cannot recover my investment, let alone make enough money to finance a second volume.

    You rightly mention that most of the tracks on the compilation are rare. Most people would not have access to them without the money I spent creating the compilation. You need to support projects like mine by encouraging people to purchase the album, not undermine the music by giving it away for free.


    Dan Zacks/Waxing Deep

  3. Hi Dan… I appologize for posting the full album. Thanks for the putting together such an incredible comp of music that most of us would otherwise not get to hear. I was only sending the link to registered users of the forum, but I will stop out of respect and support. I didn’t really research your lable before writing this post, had I realized you were such a small operation, I would have never posted this. I wish you luck and can’t wait to hear the remix album! When it comes out I’ll be sure to make a post on it, but just have a few audio clips and a link to buy it. Sorry people! Go get this record and show your support! -Brant

  4. thanx 4 all great compilation

  5. Great, cant wait to hear this album!

  6. Great Music on your blog..I realy enjoy…Thank you…!!

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