EGREM: El Tesoro De La Musica Cubana


This is possibly the greatest collection of Cuban music available. This 8 CD set tells the story of Egrem, (The Cuban government’s record lable) which was started in 1964 and is still going strong today. Thanks to Ry Cooder the studios and artists had an enormous spotlight shined on them a few years back with the Buena Vista Social Club project. By then, the lable already had thousands of releases and been in operation for over 35 years! This was and still is Cuba’s ONLY record lable since 1964. On one hand, it preserved the culture and harnessed it. The government pays the musicians to play the modest salary that everyone gets regardless if they are a doctor or street cleaner, and pays for all the recordings. Most of the musicians that you meet have no job, but to play music. Which is much better than most musicians have it here in the states! But, it is under their terms. Irakere had a rough time in the 70’s getting support from them because they had so many jazz and funk influences, and recently Cuban hip hop just won a 10 year battle for that same support. Again, as long as you don’t speak out against the government too much or embrace the capitalistic consumerism that is present in most of todays American hip hop.

The forum is coming along… there’s a link to an incredible Cuban Documentary (gracias Busquelo!) and few links to other incredible records. But it still needs to grow. So, in the tradition of the last post, this Egrem comp will be only available to registered users of the forum who have made at least 2 posts. I would act fast. I had to stop sending out the Si Para Usted comp as a request from the lable owner. The first registered users were lucky enough to get it though. The same could happen here. (Imagine…ok Fidel, I’ll take it down) So click on the forum button on the left hand side, register, and you will get the link sent to you…



  1. Thanks For the chance to get this but I do not know where the forum button is to click on it could please email me the URL to this post so that I can download it and thanks in advance for the gift of music as i listen to a lot of latino music as my wife is from South America

  2. it’s the little rectangle that says forum/revolucion under the vote for me on fuel my blog flame on the left hand side of the page.

  3. oye pero esto es como una especie de gymkhama o juego de “amazing race” – tampoco yo encontraba el botoncito, y una vez en el forum, adonde hay que ir? toy perdia!

  4. i see the forum but es que no entiendo como azer para buscar esto esplendor de musica. gracias si tu me aiuda

  5. hello, after registering to the forum I was not able to post the following message due to “Your message contains deprecated words and will not be posted” ???

    EGREM: El Tesoro De La Musica Cubana

    hello, wish i could get the link for EGREM: El Tesoro De La Musica Cubana
    thanking you in advance! 🙂

    here is the link for another treasure from EGREM that I would like to share with you:

    Habana Sax – Brain Storm 2004


  6. Registered, left 2 comments. Now what?

  7. I had to reload the set…being that it’s 8 CD’s @ 320 it has to be in 15 Parts. So It takes awhile to upload. Give it a day or two, and you will have an email with all the links. If you go to the forum under the requests topic you can get the first 2 parts right now….

  8. I don’t like your new approach:you made as complicated and dull as living in a communist country.Sorry,but I liked it better before.Now we have to register somewhere else,posts to received music by mail!! thanks anyway because i benefited from the other system and enjoyed it . I wish you success,anyway,and I’m moving forward.

  9. ok move on. I’m only doing this temporarily to encourage people to get more involved and to promote a forum (a.k.a. ‘moving forward’). It is not ‘my aproach from now on’. I will go back to being a blog with immediate links to full length albums…don’t worry. This incredible box set is a ‘gift’ to those who get involved. Collective knowledge is greater than that of an individual. Even if you look at it from your standpoint, because of the forum, there will be multiple links to many more albums than I could possible put up myself. I’m only doing this out of love…not to make money. I spent the time to create the forum, in addition to the blog. Most people seem to be appreciative and view it as a good thing. If you can’t see that, then that’s not my problem. I spend a lot of time recording, encoding, scanning, uploading, etc… It is for the benefit of everyone, including yourself. Your attitude towards this is contradictory to the whole message of the blog and forum. So frankly, I’d be honored if you ‘moved forward’.

  10. I’m grateful to the music you’ve been sharing and the spirit in which it’s been offered. We who benefit from the time and effort and generosity are in no position, I feel, to criticize. The current renewal of interest in salsa due to the Lopez/Anthony film will crest and then receed. And you can bet that Revolucion No will still be here when the flava of the moment moves on to some other comodified, nostalgified genre. So thank you.

  11. great set thanks for the work however part3 is invalid maybe it’s me either way im happy for what you gave us history never sounded so good

  12. found the answer in forum shouldve looked there first

  13. lokks difficult for some of us, not only me! I do participate usually when I frquent friendly blog, including your’s! Cheers!

  14. P.S. Went to Cuba many times ans for many years : got a lot of Egrem stuff I picked every time I went on San Miguel street where the studio is.

  15. hi compadre, thanks for the fine music! I did register on your forum, have download almost everything, but it seems like the part 3 link is not working… Can you please check it again? Thanks again!

  16. I want to register to the forum but i dont see the rectangle alowing it???

    Can you link it here please??

  17. alright…part 3 is up in the forums. And bgs…the rectangle is not hard to find. just look for a little orange/red rectangle about the size of this text that says forum/revolucion under the ‘vote for me on fuel my blog’ flame. Again this is to encourage people to get involved in a new forum. The next post will be done in the old ‘direct link’ way…

  18. Ok, I managed to sign up for yr forums. Haven’tystopped by in a while (I’m still working on the Fela posts 🙂

    Exciting happs here – look fwd to seeing where it goes.

    Loving the stuff you posted early on!

    (will check out the forums later)

  19. Hello there,
    I just registered and would love to get the links to download Egrem, can you send them to my email please ?
    Very grateful,


  20. Thanks so much for your amazing site! I am not so sure how to post a comment in the forum (as i would love to get the link for downloading the cuban music compilation)…

    take care


  21. You have an awesome blog! Could I get the link for this set? It looks great!

  22. not sure if I have to ask, but I definitely want the links. I’ve been hoping to find funky cuban music ever since catching some on the radio (maybe it was WNYC or FUV?) but now I realize why there isn’t more of it in the stores. Thanks for the work, I don’t see the point of all the complaining: folks, what’s the point of running a forum or blog if it doesn’t reflect your values?

  23. se vé muy interesante esa coleción de música cubana, ojalá la pueda descargar….

  24. A mi me encanta su blog!!! keep up the good work

  25. g ra c i a s 1 1 ! ; )

  26. could i get the links please, this set looks soooo great!

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