Barack The Vote! Cambio! Si Se Puede!

obama-date-farmer-1Ok, so it’s been awhile. Over a year in fact. I apologize for the neglect, but I am back…just in time for election day. This is a big one, as we all know. I’m sure that all of you reading this all agree who needs to win this time around, so I’ll refrain from my temptations on the making any of the abundant jokes on Grandpa and his Trophy Vice, and give you what I know best…Music to inspire Revolucion, and to send you off to the voting booths. Let’s make this a landslide, so the dirty right wing tricks can’t steal another election.


I’ve been rinsing out all my favorite Obama songs every night in the clubs I’ve been djing at in NYC, and a ton of people have been begging me for them. So finally, here are a few, until I get my mix done. The illest one by far is by one of my favorite Jamaican singers, Cocoa Tea. Check ‘Barack Obama‘. On the more latin tip, there’s the Mariachi band from Cali, Mariachi Aguilas de Mexico. Toca ‘Viva Obama‘ to show that Chicano support. Even the Irish have an Obama anthem… belt out ‘There’s No One As Irish As Barack Obama‘ in the pubs tonight after a few pints. Still rightfully pissed about Aristide getting ousted by our current administration? Manze Dayila wrote this’Change‘ for you! The next track I’m giving you just soley on how ridiculous it is. It’s a seriously amature hip hop group called A.P.T. who take Lil’ Wayne’s ‘A Milli’ and turns it into ‘Obama, Obama’. Hilarious! Finally Taz Arnold aka Ti$a from Sa-Ra Creative Partners killed it with the Isley Brothers sample that Ice Cube used for ‘It Was a Good Day’ (hopefully will be) and flipped it into what should be today’s anthem. ‘Imma Vote Obama Way‘.

On a side note, although I won’t get into all the reasons why Mccain and Palin should NOT win this election, as that would take forever, (not to mention I agree with 95% of all of Obama’s positions on the issues) I do want to say one thing. I’m really suprised on how quickly people have forgotten that Mccain voted against Arizona celebrating the Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday 7 years in a row. (1983-1990). I’m not suprised that the Obama campaign hasn’t brought it up, as that would be stooping to McCain’s level, and they would be percieved as playing the race card. But I am suprised that people like Bill Maher, or Jon Stewart, NBC, etc… haven’t brought it up. I lived there at the time, and I remember it because there were a ton of bands that I wanted to see but couldn’t because they wouldn’t tour through Arizona because of this. Fishbone, Living Colour, and Public Enemy just to name a few. Just a reminder check PE’s ‘By The Time I Get To Arizona‘.

Speaking of Arizona, make sure to check my man Z-Trip‘s masterpiece Obama Mix that he’s giving away on his website. I know he remembers the Public Enemy boycot, so It’s fitting that he’s been killing it at all those Obama fundraisers now.

It’s rare that we get a politician or any leader for that matter, that is this poignant and who has the potential to change the world into a drastically better place. So, turn it up, get out and vote, and make your voice heard!



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  2. great to see you’re back!

  3. Alright! I thought you were gone for good.

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