¿Quien Es?

I’m a dj/producer/trumpet player based in Brooklyn and have been at it for well over 10 years here in nyc…I’ve recently looked for a blog like this, assuming it already existed, but was suprised it didn’t. (if anyone knows of any-let me know!) So…I just decided to do it myself. So add me to your blogrolls, your links, bookmark me, subscribe to the rss feeds, or just keep coming back…because in the next year I will be putting up singles, edits, remixes, full length albums, etc…of all revolucionary music, both old and new from all over the world. I will also be posting some serious latin records, since I have yet to find any serious latin music blogs. All free downloads on a commercial free blog…¡Como Siempre Anti-Capitalistas! ¿Revolución, No?

-Brant Lee



  1. Saludos from Los Angeles, originally from Buenos Aires! I’m really proud of what you’re doing man! We need more sites like this online. Stay up! Hasta la victoria siempre!

  2. Hi!
    Nice idea!
    I know at least three blogs in the same line of yours.
    I don’t count mine, even if you will find some “engaged singers” there.
    Here there are:
    1) LA CANCION, UN ARMA DE LA REVOLUCION (The song, a weapon of the revolution)
    This is the biggest one I found. Singers from Chile, Cuba, Nicaragua, Argentina, Uruguay, etc.
    2) COMPROMISO POPULAR (Engagement with the people)
    Argentina, Uruguay, etc but also a Bob Dylan’s complete (or almost complete) discography
    3) MUSIC SAVES LIVES (only one in English I know).
    It’s a little one, but I found there some rarities, like Malvina Reynolds.

  3. SALUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUDOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    XOXO B

  4. hello,

    I have the Colombia! comp you posted-so no need for me to DL. however, i think you can help me out.

    are you familiar with Quantic’s “Cali Cartel” mix that was available on Waxpoetics.com?

    there are couple songs there that i can not idenitfy. would you be able to help me out?



  5. Hey Brant! Greetings from Medellín, Colombia. GREAT blog, and i was happy to find the Fuentes comp. I have my own blog, which is hotshitrecords.blogspot.com, where i put up a lil bit of everything, all the stuff I like, which is pretty all over the place. I just put up a really good Los Van Van best of comp that i am sure you would enjoy, and in the future I plan to put up one of the later ray barreto cd’s called “indestructible!” which is really good, as well as a Joe Arroyo comp, some Benny Moré (my fave singer), maybe Tjader, Grupo Experimental y Folklórico Nuevayorquino, etc etc. I wanted to ask – might you by any chance have any of the Hombres Calientes records?? I have many single songs, but not whole cd’s. Anyway, take care and keep up the good work!

  6. Great blog! el mejor blog musical de los que conozco! maravilloso! Mis respetos desde Buenos Aires. Viva la musica consciente y revolucionaria de Nuestra América!


  7. Hi I’ve got 2 others lps from orquesta revolucion 70 than the ones posted here… give me an address and I will send you some links to download them…..

  8. you are killing it with your posts and selections. we have a weekly party in San Francisco called Afrolicious and are mixing live and dj sets, hit us up if your ever on the left coast, check the site for mixes. and check out original Pleasuremaker music when ya got time.

  9. Keep up the good work. Great Blog. Big Love from London, UK

  10. Agradable blog!


  11. Interesting site. I may have to reference you on my own personal blog.


  12. “y sigue el ritmo”, 1973, Orquesta Revolucion 70, awsome.
    I got a lot of classic salsa from the 60’s, early 70’s and beyond.
    I was surprised to find this reference to La Revolucion, an orquestra that dates back so long.

    I’ll be loking forward to see what you got. Keep up the good work.
    Your blog looks good so far


  13. Hey dude,
    This blog is now indexed by http://www.captaincrawl.com (a very nice music search engine). Thanks. Feel free to link back!


  14. Love the stuff you got on here. If you don’t mind, I am going to put you up on my blog.

  15. Hi,
    Life long New Yorker and music lover. Do you have your own original music you will be posting? This is a very interesting site. Kudos to pursuing your dreams. Thank you for supporting Obama.

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